Google search or yellow pages-Which offers better traffic routing to online business?

yellow page advertisingThe remarkable growth of online business ventures have taken the world one step high with every transaction becoming digitized. But for the business to prosper, the business owners must take steps to advertise their ventures in an attractive way that it reaches the right people and they get huge hit rate conversion on their website. Before internet domination, business ventures used to depend on the huge Yellow pages books for advertising. It contained all the information with respect to what each and every shop in a geographical location trades, whom to contact and how to place an order. The yellow pages business is still up and running but most of them have converted themselves into Internet Yellow pages for unrestricted access and more easy customer contact. Lets now discuss how google search has affected the yellow pages business and how the internet yellow pages still holds a higher rank in terms of search results.

Trust worthy search results

Yellow pages offer online advertising and generate good quality leads as they are local search engines who can locate the comprehensive list of prospective traders within the local geographical location and does not list fraud marketing sites that follow pay per click model. Here is an example of a newnan seo expert using the yellow pages to complement other forms of marketing.  The fraud websites could have used the best SEO technique to get the highest search rate and get listed in Google thereby misleading the users. Though many online customers still prefer to Google for a list of potential sellers for their preferred goods, they have admitted to get the best results only when they use the online yellow pages phone books.

Google search versus yellow pages

Erstwhile, Google’s SEO based search had hampered the Yellow pages advertisement model as these vertical directories (phone books) have always had a lower ranking and visibility than SEO websites. But post the Google Penguin release, these vertical business directories that cater to local business advertising seem to have not only increased in ranking but also are becoming more visible with their meaningful content there by profiting both buyers and sellers.

Google is a search engine that is designed to help the users to get what they require to perfection similar to the yellow pages. With every update, Google search is affecting the yellow pages business in a positive way there by connecting the eager customer to a prospective trader.

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